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  • Luxury Garment Hangers

    from The Hanger Project

    Luxury Hangers from The Hanger Project are the ultimate gift for the man who already has everything -- because chances are that he doesn't already own our hangers. Our beginnings trace back to this single product. Perfected through years of collaboration with bespoke tailors and customer feedback, we really do make the best suit hanger.

    from $25

  • Drake's of London Ties

    Handmade in London

    Drake's of London is quite possibly the greatest tie maker out of the 20th Century. Made to the highest level of Drake's craftsmanship, as is best illustrated with our of 100% Wool and Cashmere ties. Light, airy, and hard to find -- these ties are the thing of envy.

    From $155


    By Alexis Zambrano and Jesus Torres, New York

    Playful lapel pins and cufflinks. Each piece is handmade by artisans in New York City. The line is made foe those selecting their accessories and wardrobe not necessarily through rules but through a true understanding of style.

    from $175

  • Mario Talarico Umbrellas

    from Naples, Italy

    Mario Talarico is one of the oldest handicraft firms in Naples. This third-generation company has been providing handcrafted, exquisite umbrellas to gentleman since the 19th Century from Naples. These umbrellas are not widely distributed. So much in fact that I had to purchase them myself, in person, on a recent trip to Italy. As no two are the same, each umbrellas was hand-selected.

    From $365

  • Handmade Italian Umbrellas

    from Magalia Francesco

    Since 1854, Maglia Francesco has been manufacturing some of the world's finest handmade umbrellas. Requiring no less than 70 steps to complete, each umbrella is a masterpiece of classic elegance and refinement. Shop our selection of one-piece handled and folding travel umbrellas.

    from $250

  • Inis Meain Sweaters

    Inis Meanin, Ireland

    Inis Meain means "middle island" in Irish,and is also the name of the middle of the three Aran Islands on which these sweaters are knitted.The company knits sweaters in the classic intricate Aran Island designs, continuing a knitting tradition that has warmed generations of fishermen in the wet and windy climate of Galway Bay.

    From $430

  • Large Glass Cigar Ashtray

    from Veritas

    These large, glass ashtrays measure 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches tall -- they are large, heavy, and incredibly smart. For the Gentleman who enjoys an occassional cigar with his scotch, buy him an ashtray he'll use forever.

    from $345

  • Bookshelf Material

    from The Hanger Project

    There are certain classic titles that belong on every well-dressed man's bookshelf. Alan Flusser's classic titles, Dressing the Man and Clothes and the Man; James Sherwood's Perfect Gentleman; The Rake Magazine; and, of course, the O'Mast DVD. We have them all here for you.

    from $35

  • Luxury Wet Shaving & Personal Grooming

    Discover the Embellishment of Proper Shaving Accessories

    Few rituals are as neglected as shaving. With the proper shaving products, one can completely revitalize their shaving experience. Our Santa Maria Novella, Castle Forbes and Parker shaving products are some of the best in the world. Together, they can transform your shaving experience from ordinary to extraordinary!

    from $16

  • Fancy Flat Waxed Cotton Shoelaces

    from The Shoe Snob

    These flat-waxed cotton shoelaces are available in twelve vibrant colors. A great, and simple, way to transform the look of a pair of shoes, these shoe laces will be sure to bring plenty of compliments to those wearing them.


  • Pearl Cufflinks

    By Diana Maynard, London

    These limited-edition Pearl Cufflinks are set in sterling silver and rhodium plated. Designed by London blogger Simon Crompton and crafted by renowned jeweler Diana Maynard, these are incredible, distinctive pieces that exude classic elegance.


  • Horn Cufflinks

    from AbbeyHorn

    These cufflinks from AbbeyHorn showcase the beautiful marbling of creams, blacks, and browns of the natural horn used to make all of their products. A smart alternative to ordinary, or even fine, cufflinks, these are a great gift for the man who enjoys French cuffs.


  • Luxury Collar Stays

    from Abbey Horn

    Ever seen someone with a shirt collar that looks like a bird flapping it's wings? It's probably because they were using old, plastic collar stays (or, worse, none). Our collar stays are hand-crafted in a variety of materials: horn, bone, sterling silver, and magnetic steel to ensure that they deliver the perfect collar drape.

    from $20

  • Leather Pen and Cufflink Box

    from Daines & Hathaway

    Crafted especially for The Hanger Project, this large birdal-leather-lined box can accommodate up to three luxury writing instruments and 21 pairs of cufflinks. An incredible gift for anyone who enjoys cufflinks and pens.


  • Grenadine Ties

    By Stark and Sons, Paris

    Situated on Rue de la Paix, Stark and Sons is the tailor to the French elite. Their ties are handmade in Paris using only the finest silks.



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