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Maglia Francesco Blackwatch Sports Seat Umbrella Zoom

Maglia Francesco Blackwatch Sports Seat Umbrella

Handcrafted in Milan by Maglia Francesco, this Sports Seat Umbrella conveniently combines protection from the rain with a place to sit.

  • Poly-cotton blackwatch canopy.
  • 67% polyester, 33% cotton canopy.
  • Fold-out sports seat.
  • Nickel plated brass seat with spiked tip.
  • Solid wood shaft.
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Whether on the golf course waiting for group in front of you to finish or watching a tournament, Maglia Francesco's Sports Seat Umbrella combines the convenience of a place to sit with the comfort of an umbrella (although they cannot both be used at the same time). This umbrella is used by Queen Elizabeth while attending Equestrian events in England. Once popular, Maglia Francesco is the only umbrella maker I know who still makes this style of umbrella.

The Black Watch canopy is constructed from a Teflon coated poly-cotton fabric and will blend in perfectly on gloomy days in the country and is large enough to keep you dry yet still conveniently fit in your golf bag. The leather covered folding nickle plated brass seat is supported by a solid wood shaft and a spiked nickle plated tip.

Handcrafted in Milan by Maglia Francesco.

90 cm long with a 63 cm canopy (rib length).
Canopy 67% polyester and 33% cotton.

About Maglia Francesco

Since 1854, Maglia Francesco has been manufacturing some of the world's finest handmade umbrellas. Requiring no less than 70 steps to complete, each umbrella is a masterpiece of classic elegance and refinement. Based in Milan, Italy, Maglia Francesco is one of the last remaining great umbrella artisans.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Canopy Color Multi
Canopy Pattern Patterned
Canopy Size 26 in / 67 cm
Handle Material Leather
Canopy Material Poly-Cotton
Construction Two-Piece
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The Hanger Project Difference

Through collaboration with renowned tailors, dandies, and men of style, Kirby Allison has created the world's first collection of luxury wooden hangers. No longer must the well-dressed live frustrated at closets plagued by cheap wooden or plastic hangers. Garments not longer have to limp through life from one cheap hanger to another.

Stop ruining great clothes with cheap hangers! Kirby Allison literally created the new standard in Luxury Wooden Hangers back in 2007 with the publishing of No More Wire Hangers in the Wall Street Journal where The Hanger Project was declared an "Enthusiastic Best Overall."

What separates Kirby Allison's Hanger Project from other companies is the fact that this small business is still directly run by Kirby Allison himself. Just "click to chat" or call the office to speak to Kirby Allison himself. Ever item selected for this website was hand-picked by Kirby and is a product of his unique passion for classic elegance and fine living.

Several unique design characteristics help protect your investment in your wardrobe:

  • Multiple Widths. One size does not fit all when it comes to your clothing, and this is especially true when it comes to your hangers. Garments spend more time on hangers than they do being worn, and a properly fitting hanger is essential to avoid limp garments and dimpled shoulders.
  • Opulent Shoulder Support. All hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project, especially the Men's and Women's Suit Hangers, feature opulent shoulder support necessary to eliminate shirt dimples and shoulder collapse. The 2.5" Shoulder Flare featured on our Men's Suit Hanger is 5x larger than average!
  • Felted Trouser Bars. Felted trouser bars are utilized to prevent the creasing across the legs typically caused by locking bar hangers. Creased trouser make even the finest slacks look cheap.
  • Solid Maple Wood. All Kirby Allison hangers are constructed from premium maple wood responsibly harvested right here in the United States. The wood features a rich, beautiful wood grain that showcases and honors your garments.
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