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The New Standard in Luxury Wooden Hangers

Through collaboration with renowned tailors, dandies, and men of style, Kirby Allison has created the world's first collection of luxury wooden hangers. No longer must the well-dressed live frustrated at closets plagued by cheap wooden or plastic hangers. No longer must garments limp through life from one cheap hanger to another.

Stop ruining great clothes with cheap hangers. Kirby Allison has created the new standard in Luxury Wooden Hangers. Attentively designed to eliminate dimpling and collapsed shoulders, these luxury wooden hangers transform closets into sanctuaries and double the life of wardrobes.

Environmentally Responsible Wood

Our Natural Finish hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project are made from U.S.A. Maple Wood that we purchase direct from Weyerhaeuser. All of our premium maple wood is harvested under environmentally responsible and sustainable practice and regulated by the U.S. Government. We then ship our wood to our own manufacturing facilities. Most other manufacturers source their woods directly from China, for obvious reasons. Although these woods are acceptable for use, their origins and environmental policies are more difficult to track.

Unique design Characteristics

Several unique design characteristics help protect your investment in your wardrobe:

Kirby Allison

Multiple Widths

One size does not fit all when it comes to your clothing, and this is especially true when it comes to your hangers. Garments spend more time on hangers than they do being worn, and a properly fitting hanger is essential to avoid limp garments and dimpled shoulders.

Shoulder Support

All hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project, especially the Men's and Women's Suit Hangers, featured opulent shoulder support necessary to eliminate shirt dimples and shoulder collapse. The 2.5" Shoulder Flare featured on our Men's Suit Hanger is 5x larger than average!

Felted Trouser Bars

Felted trouser bars are utilized to prevent the creasing across the legs typically caused by locking bar hangers. Creased trouser make even the finests slacks look cheap.

Solid Maple Wood

All Kirby Allison hangers are constructed from premium maple wood responsibly harvested right here in the United States. The wood features a rich, beautiful wood grain that showcases and honors your garments.

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