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Meet Kirby Allison

Kirby AllisonKirby’s original interest in garment care stemmed from a textiles course he took in college, attending the University of Texas at Austin. In this course he designed and constructed an entire men’s jacket from start to finish, a project he still references as one of the more challenging projects he’s completed in his life.

Kirby Allison's Hanger Project is a natural offshoot of his penchant for timeless luxury and old-world traditions. Kirby has made tremendous inroads into the luxury goods market, expanding far beyond his original offering of luxury hangers, and has been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal and Esquire magazine. His hangers are more than just functional; they are maple wood works of art, befitting the closet of a person who has taste and style.

When Kirby isn’t spending his time with his wife and son, Bianca and Nathaniel, he devotes his time to The Hanger Project. He works primarily out of Dallas, Texas but travels to Europe often in search of new, exciting products to offer his devoted customers.

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