A continuation of the last post on Luxury Collar Stays, not all collar stays are created equal. Some people actually do prefer plastic collar stays over metallic ones. Not because they like plastic, but more so because they appreciate the soft flexibility that a plastic collar stay offers. Metal collar stays are inherently rigid. Some people like this; some people do not. Our Horn Collar Stays are less rigid than metal but certainly more than plastic.

However, our Bone Collar Stays are hand carved from AbbeyHorn in England. They are certainly lighter, smaller, and more flexible than any other non-plastic collar stay. However, AbbeyHorn will only make them in two widths for us: 2.25″ and 2.50″. This is perfect for spread collars, but they really need to make a 2.75″ or 3.00″ version for longer, pointed collars. However, after years of nagging, they still refuse to do this for me. Since they are the only people in the world that do this kind of work, we still only have two widths (sorry).

As illustrated by the above photograph, what is unique about or Bone Collar Stays is that they retain the flexibility that many like about plastic but they are not plastic. Try them out and fall in love with these Stays. Shop Now >>