Collar Stays are a relatively straight-forward item that has probably changed little since it was first invented. That is, however, until Wurkin-Stiffs came along. These magnetic collar stays are the single largest innovation to have occured to collar stays probably since they were invented. Incredibly simple yet very useful, the metal collar stays use a small magnent placed inside the shirt to hold the collar upright when not wearing a tie.

The one thing I hate almost as much as a shirt without collar stays is one with an uncontrolled collar. Depending on how the shirt and collar are cut, the collar can flap out regardless of wether you are using collar stays. This is why button-down shirts have become popular for casual wear. The button controls the collar and keeps it upright. If you take a normal dress shirt meant to be worn with a tie and wear it without one, normally you have a floppy, uncontrolled collar that just doensn’t look smart.

However, with the Wurking-Stiffs, you can turn any formal shirt into a smart casual shirt without fear of a slopping, uncontrolled collar! $40.00 for a set of three lengths or $20.00 each pair.