We just received a new luxury shoe polish dauber by La Cordonnerie Anglaise. This large round shoe dauber has a 1.5 inch silk bristle head and is perfect for cleaning your shoes. In particular, the generous round bristle head makes this dauber very effective at shampooing your leather or suede shoes before you polish them, which is why I added it to our collection of La Cordonnerie Anglaise daubers and brushes.

Shoe polishing accessories — the things that you use to shine your shoes — are things that most people only purchase once. That is why the LCA daubers, brushes, and shoeshine carpets are so popular with customers. These beautiful, well-crafted items have absolutely no parallel. The Bubinga wood that is used for the brushes and daubers is just absolutely incredible. The depth and complexity of woodgrain is something to just stare at. If we could afford it, our luxury wooden hangers would be made out of the same wood!