Sterling Silver Cufflinks from Codis Maya

We just received some new sterling silver cufflinks from Codis Maya. Probably better-known for her private-label work for Dunhill, Louis Vutton, and others, Codis Maya, in my opinion, is the best producer of sterling silver cufflinks outside of bespoke work from a jeweler. Glass enameling is very specialized and there are just not that many artisans out there capable of detailed work.

With glass enabling, it is especially important to use sterling silver, in my opinion, as the base metal. The reason is that sterling silver offers a higher level of brilliance, which produces greater vibrancy in the enameling. Other, less-expensive metals used for the majority of colors just do not offer the same depth.

The above zoomed-in picture of one of our new cufflinks illustrates the type of detail. The light-colored glass enameling used just would not produce the same level of transparency if a different metal was used (it’s like the way stained glass sparkles with proper sunlight; at night, it’s just not the same). Here, the texture of the sterling silver produces a texture that contributes to the overall detail of the cufflink that sets them apart.

If you enjoy wearing cufflinks, I encourage you to take a look at our complete collection of sterling silver cufflinks. If you cannot find something that you like, let me know!