I often receive the question of why we do not manufacture any wooden hangers out of cedar. In fact, I receive this question so often, that I thought I would go ahead and write a blog post describing why you actually should never use a hanger made from cedar.

First, in order for cedar to be aromatic, it has to be unfinished. The problem with an unfinished hanger, even an extremely well-sanded one, is that the unfinished wood could splinter and snag fabrics. Imagine pulling your suit hanger off of a hanger only to have it snag some fibers. It would be tragic.

Second, I love the smell of cedar. I do not have a cedar closet, but one day, would like to. However, I do not like cedar enough to want to walk around all day smelling like it. If we made a hanger out of cedar, when you pulled your suit jacket off of it, it, too, would smell like cedar. Great for shoes. Bad for clothing.

Third, Cedar is not as effective as many believe at protecting garments against moths. Garment Bags are really the best means of protecting a garment against these creatures. So, a cedar hanger is not going to provide adequate protection against moths.

Rest assured, though, that we are steadfast working on adding new products that would aid the well-dressed in their quest to defend their wardrobes against cloth-eating insects.

If you have any questions or counters to my thinking, please, by all means, reach out to me directly and let me know!

If you want cedar in your closet

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