Runway Collection of Luxury Women's Hangers

Not satisfied with what was already on the market for women, Kirby determined that if he were to do women’s hangers, that he would have to start from scratch. Most hanger providers simply re-purpose men’s hangers for women. However, any woman knows that female wardrobes eclipse that of men’s in terms of complexity. A man can survive on three hangers: suit hangers, trouser hangers, and shirt hangers. However, the modern female wardrobe demands a much more complex solution.

That is why it took Kirby Allison over 18 months to develop our collection of Luxury Women’s Hangers. Three distinct profiles, each available in two sizes, with three hardware configurations, and in two finishes, this is the most comprehensive collection of luxury wooden hangers available in the world. A total of 36 unique hangers, to be exact!

Our first two experimental production runs sold out quickly but provided Kirby with invaluable customer feedback. We feel that we have now perfected the women’s hangers are are happy to officially launch Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project’s Runway Collection of luxury women’s hangers!

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