The Hanger Project is proud to present the first women’s accessory, the scarf hanger. This new item is a circular ring made of high quality birch wood that opens and closes with a magnetic clasp. The two halves of the ring rotate open to allow for women to load objects on and then snap the ring closed again. The ring can easily be hung on a hook or snapped closed around a clothing rod to hang beside shirts, dresses and pants. Though the scarf hanger is typically used for scarves, it is a very multipurpose women’s tool that can be permanently placed in a closet or used while travelling.

First, as already mentioned, the scarf hanger can be used for scarves. All types of scarves are safe to store on the ring because it’s finished wood texture will not snag fine, silk or gauzy materials. Since it is the middle of summer, our scarf ring is full of lightweight scarves, but the ring’s strong magnetic latch can easily hold heavier knitted scarves in the winter months. Scarves can either be hung through the loop or can be looped on for a stronger grip. To loop a scarf around the scarf hanger, leave the clasp closed and fold your scarf in half. Slip the loop of your scarf through the ring and pull the two tails of the scarf through the loop. Gently pull the tails to tighten the knot.

Another useful function of the scarf hanger is as a jewelry holder. Hanging necklaces on hooks can get frustrating when the necklace you want is the furthest one back on the hook, and that always seems to be the case. Untangling jewelry can lead to damage and frustration. Using the scarf hanger for necklaces will simplify storage and take up much less space. Once jewelry is on the ring, the hanger can easily be rotated to get to a specific piece, popped open and easily removed.

Purses are much like jewelry in that they are very inconvenient to keep on one hook. Usually all the purses on a hook have to be heaved off the hook, sorted through and then replaced on the same hook, all to find that one bag. With the scarf hanger, all purses can be strung onto the wooden ring and hung on a hook or clothing rod. Similar to the necklaces, when a particular bag is needed, the ring can just be rotated, popped open and returned to its place in your closet.

The scarf hanger has a plethora of uses in any women’s closet, and looks good while doing it. The scarf hanger’s small size is not only a space saver in a closet, but also in a suitcase. The hanger is great for taking on trips that require multiple accessories, especially scarves that could get wrinkled from staying a bag for too long. The large ring can fit around multiple closet hanging rod sizes and could easily go on a doorknob or hook in a hotel or guest room. The scarf hanger is a must have for any woman because of its versatility and sleek design.