Allen Edmonds is one of the premier U.S. manufacturers of high-quality dress shoes. Known for their fully-welted construction, a pair of Allen Edmond shoes can last decades if cared for properly using Saphir Shoe Polish. Many customers email us asking what polish color matches their Allen Edmonds shoes so, we have created a handy Allen Edmond Shoe Polish Guide for you to refer to.

Not all colors are available in both wax and cream formats. To see which polish colors are available, click the following links:

Saphir Wax Polish

Saphir Cream Polish


6115_black Allen Edmonds Black Finish

Saphir Polish: Black #01

Black #01

0111_dark-chocolate Allen Edmonds Dark Chocolate Finish

Saphir Polish: Dark Brown #05

Dark Brown #05

6105_dark-brown Allen Edmonds Dark Brown Finish

Saphir Polish: Dark Brown #05 or Tobacco Brown #34

Dark Brown #05
Tobacco Brown #34

5875_merlot Allen Edmonds Merlot Finish

Saphir Polish: Hermes Red #12 or Mahogany #09

Hermes Red #12Mahogany #09

Notes: Mahogany #09 is a difficult color to replicate on the computer. It has slight red undertones compared to a Bordeaux #08 which has slight purple undertones. The Hermes Red #12 is a lighter version of the Mahogany and would do a good job filling in the background finish of this shoe.

5845_dark-brown-burnished Allen Edmonds Dark Brown Burnished Finish

Saphir Polish: Mahogany #09, Tobacco #34, or Bordeaux #08

Mahogany #09Tobacco #34

Bordeaux #08

Notes: Depending on the amount of purple you would like in this finish, you could use a Bordeaux #08.

1635_brown-walnut Allen Edmonds Brown Walnut Finish

Saphir Polish: Cognac #10 or Tobacco #34

Cognac #10Tobacco #34

Notes: You could use a Medium Brown #37 on this shoe, however, the Cognac is going to be a little more “buttery” than the Medium Brown.

walnut-calf Allen Edmonds Walnut Calf Finish

Saphir Polish: Light Brown #03

Light Brown #03

chili-burnished-calf Allen Edmonds Chili Burnished Calf Finish

Saphir Polish: Cognac #10

Cognac #10

allenedmonds_shoes_dalton_bourbon_l Allen Edmonds Bourbon Calf Finish

Saphir Polish: Medium Brown #37

If you have a pair of Allen Edmond shoes with a different finish than the ones listed below and cannot use the Allen Edmonds Shoe Polish Guide to find the right polish, please email Customer Service with a link to a picture of the shoe and we will add it!