One of the hardest parts of choosing the right polish to buy is the choice of color. So to make this process a little more transparent we have tried to display how a polish will look when added to the natural color of your shoes. Here is what our line of Cordovan Shoe Polishes looks like when spread on a white sheet of paper.

Cordovan Shoe Polish – Dark Brown
This polish is a very strong, dark brown with hints of motor oil. Almost a black brown, this polish has a very strong, deep pigment.

Cordovan Shoe Polish – Cordovan
The cordovan pigment color is a rich, hardy maroon with subtle notes of Merlot wine.

Cordovan Shoe Polish – Fawn
The fawn color has a mild tan to light brown finish with warm notes of toffee and caramel.

Cordovan Shoe Polish – Black
This polish is a standard, deep black with very strong pigment saturation.