Because we carry a wide variety of brushes for shoe polishing, we often get questions on which brush to buy. For instance the Yak Hair Brush is a spectacular brush to add to your polishing line up but when would you want to use it? The density and properties of yak hair make for the perfect finishing brush. The Hanger Project Yak Hair Brushes are super dense and very soft. Because yak hairs are wavy, these brushes have to be made by hand.

Another question we often get is comparing one brush to another. Which is why we made the short video below comparing two of our best selling brushes. Both of these great brushes have an intended use. Which is also why one is not directly better or interchangeable for the other.

The Horsehair Polishing Brush is an essential brush that is great for the steps in-between the whole shoe shine process. It buffs shoes very well and is usually the first brush we recommend buying to start a shoe shine kit. For more information on the horsehair brushes click through to their blog post.

The Yak Hair Brush is the brush you want to finish a shoe shine and really bring out the shine of a pair of shoes. It is also a great brush for touching up a shined pair of shoes before and after wearing daily. The benefits are hard to realize without seeing the brush in action. Watch the video below to see the differences in these great brushes.