When it comes to caring for leather shoes, welts are often overlooked in the typical shoe maintenance routine.  However, welts require occasional maintenance to keep them clean and ensure that they are protected against moisture. Cleaning your shoe’s welts can be easily accomplished by following the steps highlighted below:

Step 1

Begin cleaning the welt by brushing it using moderate pressure. When using the brush, insert the brush tips into the joint between the shoe upper and the sole edge – this usually results in the brush being placed at a forty-five-degree (45°) angle.

Step 2

Once the welt has been thoroughly brushed, apply a moderate amount of wax polish in neutral to the clean brush. Next, repeat the welt brushing as done with the clean brush, but this time with the neutral wax.

Step 3

Allow the neutral wax polish to dry and then remove any excess wax using a clean brush.

Step 4

If the sole edges or heels require color, cream polish or edge dressing can be used to recolor and fill in scratches, marks, or dents. Simply apply a thin layer of the edge dressing or cream polish (make sure you color close to that of your shoe color) using a chamois cloth and allow it to dry. Once dry, brush the welts, sole edges and heels — repeat as needed.