The foundation of any solid stick umbrella is the species of wood used to form its handle and cane. Here at The Hanger Project, we offer unique varieties of wooden umbrellas to suit an umbrella aficionado’s refined taste. From finely crafted Bamboo handles to rare Cherrywood canes, learn about the different variations in wood types that skilled umbrella makers, Mario Talarico and Maglia Francesco use to hand carve their heavily sought after umbrellas.

Any gentleman who appreciates quality and craftsmanship will revel in learning about the intricate yet detailed process of handcrafting an umbrella and the types of wood that umbrella makers carefully choose to construct the handle and cane.

Below is a list of some of the more common species of woods used in the construction of solid stick umbrellas:

Hickory Wood

The beauty of owning a Hickory wood umbrella is that the wooden handle comes in a range of light to dark finishes, (meaning that your umbrella will truly be one-of-a-kind). Hickory is often used by craftsmen because of its strength and shock resistance and its most notable properties include resilience, texture, and durability.

Cherry Wood

Compared to other types of wood, cherry wood is particularly sought after by craftsmen due to its sturdiness, durability, dependability, rich color, and natural scent. Cherry wood does darken over time, developing a rich yet deep patina that gives the wood an antique feel.


Hazel trees are native to Asia Minor but currently grow throughout Europe. Their bark is very hard and the wood is comparatively light in weight but has a rather course surface.
This umbrella is entirely made by hand and finished to a very high standard. The inner side of the shade is finished with hand stitching and its steel spokes are made in line with a traditional handicraft technique. The ribbon on the shade has a hand embroidered ring with a particular button, while the tip of the umbrella is made of horn.


Malacca is a rare species of rattan that grows on the coast of the Indonesian island called Sumatra. Known as the “King of Canes,” Malacca’s most notable features are that it is lightweight, durable, strong, and is sought after for its natural glossy shine.


Bamboo is not only water resistant, it is highly regarded for its natural, earthy tones. Not only is the wood visually appealing, it is ‘stronger than steel and more durable than both Maple wood and red oak. This particular umbrella is ideal for the eco-friendly gentleman, as bamboo is a lot greener and eco-friendly than other woods.


Often appreciated for its warm tones, Chestnut wood also has a grain and pattern that makes it truly unique. Although chestnut is a strong wood type, it is fairly light, which makes it a perfect choice for crafting an umbrella handle and cane.

Congo wood

Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, this wood is known for its durability, strength, and rich brown tones. The African Congo wood gives off a rustic look that is ideal for any gentleman who enjoys exotic features.

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