Handmade Italian Umbrellas

Maglia Francesco and Mario Talarico umbrellas are two of the preeminent Italian umbrella makers based out of Italy. Their umbrellas are highly sought after for their traditional style, handcrafted techniques that have made them truly unique. Here at The Hanger Project, we are proud to be the largest stockist of both Maglia Francesco and Mario Talarico. We offer over 70 different styles of unique, handmade umbrellas.

Ombrelli Maglia by Maglia Francesco

Maglia Francesco started making umbrellas at the age of 14 as an apprentice for a skilled umbrella maker in 1850. Four years later, Maglia Francesco branched out on his own and founded Ombrelli Maglia. As one of the few surviving umbrella makers who construct their umbrellas completely by hand, Francesco places special attention to every step in the manufacturing process. 

Maglia Francesco offers several types of umbrellas: solid stick, two piece construction, and the telescopic folding travel umbrella. With Maglia, not all umbrellas are created equal and here at The Hanger Project we truly value all that makes them unique. From the mother of pearl closure, embroidered fabric rings, to the horn or metal tipping, these characteristics make each umbrella one-of-a-kind.

Mario Talarico Umbrella

To understand the difference between Maglia Francesco and Mario Talarico umbrellas, you really have to know the people behind them. Ombrelli Maglia is a company who makes thousands of umbrellas a year, while Mario Talarico is simply two men, Talarico Sr. and Talarico Jr., handcrafting umbrellas out of their shop in Naples, Italy. Every umbrella by Talarico is quite literally, one of one. It is almost impossible to find the same canopy on the same stick in multiples.


Differences Between Talarico & Maglia

Although Maglia Francesco and Mario Talarico umbrellas use mother of pearl buttons, many of Talarico’s umbrellas have started featuring horn buttons. Another notable difference is that the majority of Talarico’s umbrellas feature unshaven shafts and are made from one piece canes. This requires a higher degree of selection and precision when creating the umbrella. Mario Talarico continues his family’s legacy of creating high quality, handmade umbrellas from his small shop in Naples Italy. Maglia Francesco and Mario Talarico umbrellas are not only artisan-made works of art, they reflect years of tradition and dedication umbrella makers have for their craft.