The Benefits Of Saphir Mink Oil

The art of cleaning and polishing one’s shoes is a skill acquired through years of practice, patience, and discipline. As a shoe aficionado, it’s important to understand which products will do more damage than good to your leather shoes.  After all, the right products will ensure that your shoes last a lifetime – that’s why we will be discussing why we recommend Saphir Mink Oil over Grasso Di Foca (Seal Oil/Fat).

We always recommend Saphir Medaille d’Or products due to the fact that they use only the best ingredients, guaranteeing that your shoes will receive all the nutrients they need. Other shoe shine products use harmful resins and silicones in their waxes and creams that could damage your fine shoes but with Saphir Medaille D’or, you’ll never have that worry.

Grasso Di Foca On Leather Dress Shoes

Recently, a customer asked if they could use seal oil/fat on their leather shoes to which we replied ‘NO.’ First and foremost, seal is a banned fat. Yes, Grasso Di Foca was used in World War II by members of the military to waterproof their leather boots, but over the years, Saphir has developed products that are better suited for fine leather shoes. The Saphir Mink Oil doesn’t contain any banned fats, harmful silicones, or harmful resins, nor is it insanely oily.

Does It Matter?

Just because a product has oil in it, doesn’t mean you should be using it on your fine leather shoes. The leather is highly permeable and will soak oil like a sponge. However, ensuring that the leather is being nourished with the right oils is vital to taking care of your dress shoe.  Mink oil is tested and proven for preserving finished and unfinished leather. Made from the fat of minks, Saphir’s mink oil is ideal for leather boots and shoes. Not only will it make your shoe water resistant, mink oil will nourish the leather and prevent them from damage. Many shoe aficionados use Saphir’s mink oil to condition, waterproof, and weather-guard their shoes.

How To Use Saphir’s Mink Oil

Use Saphir’s Mink Oil as an occasional deep conditioner prior to your normal shoe care routine. It should not be applied to areas where you would produce a high-shine (such as the toe and hindquarters) as the slightly greasy nature makes it difficult for the leather to take a high-shine.

  1. Prepare leather by cleaning any dust with damp chamois.
  2. Apply a light coat to the leather using a cotton chamois. Less is more.
  3. Allow leather to absorb mink oil for at least 5-10 minutes or opt to leave it overnight.
  4. Buff off any residual oil using a horsehair shoe shine brush.
  5. If leather requires additional nourishment, apply a second coat.
  6. Once the leather has fully dried, polish as normal using Saphir Medaille d’Or Pommadier Cream Polish.