Your first pair of bespoke shoes is a personal and exciting process. Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, visits Parisian shoemaker Dimitri Gomez to pick up his very first pair of bespoke shoes and gives us an inside look to traditional shoemaking methods. Dimitri Gomez is an incredibly well-respected shoemaker in Paris who is a true master of the craft. What’s special about Dimitri Gomez is that he is one of the few shoemakers who can take the measurements, cut the pattern and take the shoes straight to finish. 

Dimitri Gomez in his Paris shop

When spending money on bespoke, it is important to have a pair that you can wear forever. The style of Dimitri Gomez shoes Kirby decided on was a simple, black cap-toe oxford. For the shape of the toe, he wanted a beautiful almond cut versus a standard round or chiseled finish; definitely not something you’d see on an every day, ready to wear shoe. As a styling detail, Kirby chose six eyelets, in contrast to five to really set his shoes apart. The actual craftsmanship you see on the shoe is truly incredible. Dimitri: cuts the shoe out by hand, polishes, irons and then waxes them to completion. You can see the beautiful lines and the detailed stitching that runs through the shoe to create a truly custom design. Lastly, Dimitri includes toe taps to really reinforce and protect the toe of the shoe from large amounts of walking. These small details are really what highlights the true art of bespoke shoemaking. 

Finished Shoes


Dimitri takes pride in his work and really commits to assuring his clients the perfect fit. Kirby’s shoes were a bit tight, and Dimitri felt that the elastic needed to be elongated. This really showcases the true dedication of bespoke shoemakers and their strive for perfection. Dimitri Gomez is definitely one of the best shoemakers in France, and his level of commitment is what produces that kind of reputation. Dimitri Gomez is going to make a few more modifications to Kirby’s shoes, and when Kirby is back in October, he will pick up the finished pair.