In this short guide, we will showcase how to repair scratched leather shoes using a couple of different techniques. If one wears a pair of shoes often enough, minor scratches and scuffs are inevitable. Fixing these usually doesn’t require much more than cream polish. However, as you may have experienced, cream polish may not cut it for deeper scratches and scuffs. It isn’t the end of the world though. With the right products and a little bit of know-how, it won’t be long before you know how to repair scratched leather shoes at home. Here’s what you will need:

Method 1: Apply Cream Polish (For Lighter Scratches)

How to Repair Scratched Leather Shoes - Saphir Cream Polish

If you haven’t already tried applying Saphir’s Pommadier Cream Polish, you should. There is a strong chance the high concentration of pigments in the Cream Polish will mask your scratches and scuffs. That is, unless they are quite deep. If that’s the case, you may want to skip to method 2 first.

Using your fingers or a cotton chamois, apply a portion of cream polish on the affected area. You may want to apply more in the surrounding areas as well in order to blend it. After applying, use a horsehair brush to buff the excess polish off and elevate a light shine. For an even higher shine, consider applying a light layer of wax polishes on top of the cream. The shine will not only make your shoes look better, but will also help mask the damage. Repeat this process until you are pleased with the results.

Method 2: Renovating & Repair Cream (For Deeper Scratches)

How to Repair Scratched Leather Shoes - Deep Scratches

Saphir offers an excellent product called the Creme Renovatrice or Renovating Repair Cream. The Renovating Repair Cream is resin based and has a variety of color options. This makes it perfect for filling in deep nicks and scratches. The product is best used on surfaces that are deeply scratched and can’t simply be covered up with polish.

First apply a small drop of the Renovating Repair Cream to a concealed part of the leather for color matching purposes. Assess the results, and decide whether or not you wish to continue. Apply this product only if you are happy with the color match, because this solution is permanent. Apply a small amount to the affected area with your finger, completely filling any scratches or nicks with the resin. Allow it a few minutes to dry after applying.


Once the resin has dried, apply the same color of cream polish throughout the shoe, but concentrate on the area with the resin. The aim is to blend the colors as effectively as possible.