How to Condition a Leather Belt

Step 1: Condition Leather With Saphir Leather Lotion

Step 1: Condition Leather With Saphir Leather Lotion

Saphir leather lotion was formulated for larger leather goods — it’s basically the Saphir Renovateur for leather goods besides shoes. Apply a small amount of Saphir leather lotion onto a Hanger Project cotton chamois and rub it into the belt in circular motions with medium to firm pressure. Allow the Saphir leather lotion to dry for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 2: Buff Using a Pig Bristle Brush

A horsehair brush works perfectly fine with this but having the stiffer bristle makes a world of difference for buffing it out and allowing it to look more evenly conditioned. Hold the belt in your hand and gently brush the belt side to side. The point of this step is to remove any excess waxes.

Step 3: Apply Saphir Canadian Cream

Step 3:

This step is essential to take your belts conditioning to the next level. This cream will aid in further conditioning as well as scuffing and adding shine. Apply a small amount onto your cotton chamois and rub in circular motions as you did with the Saphir Leather Lotion — with creams like this less is certainly always more. Then buff once more with your pig bristle brush and you’re set. Your belt is ready for wear!