Over the past several months we have been going through the thorough MyTailor measurement and fitting processes. Joe Hemrajani is the man behind MyTailor and their operation in Hong Kong. Joe started in the tailoring industry in the 70s as an apprentice in his family’s shop. After studying in Germany to learn more advanced manufacturing techniques, he and his brothers started doing trunk shows throughout the U.S. and still travel here to this day.

Kirby commissioned a couple of different pieces from the different lines that MyTailor offers. The first being an exquisite Holland and Sherry, Sherry Cash sport jacket. This jacket was made from MyTailors more economical line, with predominantly machine-made construction, with the notable exceptions of the handsewn collar and armhole attachments. The pattern is developed through a CAD system, which is a computer system that creates the pattern based on the measurements taken and then imputed by the tailor.

The second item Kirby commissioned was a fully handsewn and hand cut suit with two trousers cut in different styles. The jacket features many handsewn details such as a hand padded label and all hand stitch buttonholes. For the trousers, the first trouser being a more relaxed silhouette designed to be worn with braces to create a line that drapes beautifully. The second being slightly more fitted while still having an incredible drape. Cut in the same, great Drapers 5 Star Fabric, the second trouser features side adjusters and a high waisted fit. The leg tapers slightly from the knee down, creating a clean, modern line.

For a full analysis for Kirby’s new commissions as well as the full process, see the videos linked below…