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Replica Russian Reindeer Chukka Boot

Here at Kirby Allison we are proud to announce our latest GMTO collaboration with Spanish shoe brand Carmina. This is an exclusive item only available through Kirby Allison. J&FJ Baker in Devonshire, who is Britain's only remaining traditional oak bark tannery, has made an excellent replica of the famed leather that we are proud to use for this Chukka Boot. The calfskin is tanned in pits. The tan liquor is made from the bark of willow, birch and oak trees. The skins are moved through a series of 10 pits - the tan liquor gets gradually stronger as the skin's progress. After 4 months they are tanned and are ready for dressing.

During the dressing, the skins are split level, dyed Russian brown, and then hand stuffed using birch oil.

You can see some of this on our website at www.jfj

Many of our viewers are familiar with the backstory of the famed Russian Reindeer, for those who are not, in 1973, divers off England's Plymouth Sound found the wreck of an eighteenth-century brigantine that sank in 1786 with a cargo of reindeer hides. They had been cured in baths of rye or oat flour and yeast, hand-embossed with a varied cross-hatching before being soaked in wood liquor, hand curried and then soaked in seal oil and birch tan oil. This leather is extremely rare and incredibly expensive.

For this boot, we used Carmina's Forest last. Forest is Carmina’s most archetypal and early last. With its classic and timeless design, this last seems to resist the course of time. In fact, it is the favorite last for the Albaladejo family. Proof of this is the fact that, 15 years after it was released, it is still one of the most popular lasts. Rounded toe, regular instep and more room across the forepart.

This casual style is the perfect match for a pair of raw denim, khaki chino, or even a heavy charcoal flannel.

The estimated delivery date is 8 weeks from when the GMTO closes.


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Made with the Goodyear Welted technique in our own factory in Inca, Mallorca. Following traditional techniques by very skillful artisans. This manufacturing process, of more than 150 steps, consists of a double stitching to join the leather, the insole and the sole providing a level of durability far superior to other conventional shoes. This type of construction also provides extraordinary comfort and insulation thanks to the natural cork layer, placed under the insole which allows being molded and acquiring the anatomy of each foot.

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