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Traditional Handmade Italian & English Umbrellas

by Maglia Francesco, Mario Talarico, and Fox Umbrellas

Handmade Umbrellas


The Hanger Project is proud to carry the largest collection of Maglia Francesco Umbrellas, Mario Talarico Umbrellas, and Fox Umbrellas in North America. These umbrellas, made using traditional techniques, are among the finest in the world.

Maglia Francesco has been creating fine umbrellas since 1854 in their small Milanese workshop and is today run by fourth-generation Francesco ‘Kino’ Maglia, who is known by many as “The King of Canes.” Today, the company continues that tradition of excellence, handcrafting umbrellas with wooden shafts and handles sourced from around the world and canopies woven exclusively for them in Italy. Truly, a luxury umbrella from Maglia Francesco is an accessory of distinction for the well-dressed man or woman.

The umbrellas of Mario Talarico, on the other hand, are both distinctively different than the ones created by Maglia and yet equally marvelous. Tallarico, now in his 80s, operates from a tiny shop in Naples and ‘doing business’ with him almost necessitates an in-person visit. In his crowded workspace, he continues a family tradition, creating masterpieces of the umbrella-maker’s art. His single-stick umbrellas typically make use of canes selected with an eye to showcasing the beauty of the wood’s bark and character and each is totally unique and one-of-a-kind.

Fox Umbrellas has been crafting the finest British Umbrellas since 1868. Crafted entirely by hand in their small workshop outside of London, Fox Umbrellas is the benchmark of quality and continues to produce traditional, iconic English umbrellas for which the country is so well-known.

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