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Handmade Gloves from Lavabre Cadet and Merola

About Merola Gloves

Since 1876, four generations of the Merola family have produced some of the world’s finest gloves – certainly the finest to come out of Italy. Entirely hand-cut and hand-sewn in Naples, Merola Gloves require no fewer than six specialized artisans to create.

Our inaugural collection of Merola gloves are the most quintessential, classic dress gloves: silk-lined, super-soft Nappa leather gloves in five colors and five sizes. The simple inseam stitching and three "cordoni," or cords, on the back create a timelessly elegant glove that should warm your hands with style for years to come.

About Lavabre Cadet

Maison Lavabre Cadet was founded in France in 1946 and has since produced some of the finest gloves in the world. The Maison counts glamorous and famous individuals among its distinguished clientele, along with some of the most exacting luxury houses in the world such as Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, and Hermès. Lavabre Cadet uses only the absolute finest hides and skins available without compromise, a dedication which perfectly complements its small-scale production. Lavabre Cadet’s exceptional quality is most evident in the plentiful but incredibly precise hand stitching and complicated two panel glove patterns and, incredibly, even single panel patterns.

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