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Collar Stays + Holders

One of the most refined characteristics of a well dressed gentleman are the small details that no one ever sees. Our Hanger Project collar stays are handcrafted out of the finest materials, designed to effortlessly keep your collar looking stiff and straight. There is nothing less flattering than a sloppy collar with a nice dress suit, which is why proper collar stays are vital to the structure of your look.

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  • Sovereign Grade Solid Gold Collar Stays

    Our Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade Solid Gold Collar stays are an indulgent luxury. Disappointed with the flimsy, rolled gold collar stays widely available, our Sovereign Grade Solid Gold Collar Stays are created from a mold, using more than 7.5 grams of gold per stay, or 1/2 oz of gold for the set. Each individual stay is stamped with the gold weight. These stays are a generous 1.5 mm thick with soft, round edges that will not rip through your collar stay sleeves. Made-to-order here in Dallas, Texas, and are available in a variety of metals and lengths.

    • Solid-gold, molded collar stays.
    • A generous 1.5 mm thick with soft, rounded edges.
    • Over 7.5 grams of gold per collar stay. These are heavy!
    • Available in a variety of lengths and metals.
    • Delivered in a lambskin collar stay holder.
    • Made-to-order with a 14 day lead time.
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  • Mother of Pearl Collar Stays

    Handcrafted in Italy by one of the finest Italian artisans, our Mother of Pearl Collar Stays are the finest that you will find and are far superior to metal collar stays both in terms of sophistication and functionality. Polished completely by hand, these collar stays feature a beautiful iridescent patina unmatched by other materials. Without question a classic addition to any well-appointed wardrobe. Learn More
  • Horn Collar Stays

    Our Horn Collar Stays are beautifully crafted in the U.K. by skilled artisans from cow horn. Each set of collar stays are totally unique, showcasing their own marbling of black, cream, and brown. Available in four lengths these Horn Collar Stays offer more flexibility than our Mother of Pearl Stays but slightly less than our Bone Collar Stays.

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  • Bone Collar Stays

    These Bone Collar Stays are handcrafted and retain the natural softness and flexibility typically only found with plastic stays, but without the risk of damage to your stay sleeves. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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