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Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, teaches you about the importance of quality dress socks in a man's wardrobe. Great socks should all but disappear on your feet. Thin, almost sheer, they allow your foot to slip easily into your shoe without disrupting the fit or ever making your foot clammy. This is why all of our luxury Italian socks are knitted on 240 and 260-needle machines from the finest fibers. During the knitting process, the higher number of needles allows our socks to be knitted with finer-gauge threads for a thinner, finer sock. The difference is both immediate and lasting once the sock is slipped on.

Equally important, also, is that our socks are available in up to SEVEN SIZES to allow for the perfect fit without bunching, which further enhances comfort. Our broad palette of colors and patterns allow you to accessorize your socks like you do your ties. These socks are so incredibly comfortable you will never go back to store-bought varieties.

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  2. 10.5 inches - US 9/10 (3)
  3. 11.0 inches - US 10.5/11.5 (3)
  4. 11.5 inches - US 12/13 (3)
  5. 12.0 inches - US 13.5/14.5 (3)
  6. 12.5 inches - US 15 (1)
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  • Sovereign Grade Lana Pura Super-Fine OTC 100% Wool Socks

    Our Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade Lana Pura Super-Fine 100% Wool Over-the-Calf Socks are simply the finest wool socks available. Knit in Rome using the highest 260-needle machines available and with extra-fine Australian Merino Wool, these wool socks are both super-soft and super-thin, allowing them to all but disappears on your feet. Wool is a highly-desirable fiber for socks because of it's capacity to wick moisture while moderating temperature -- preventing moisture from building up during the day and keeping your feet cool when hot and warm when cold.

    • Knit using the finest merino wool.
    • Super-fine, 260-needle knitting highest-thread count possible.
    • Available in seven sizes for perfect fit.
    • Perfect for colder weather and superior moisture wicking.
    • Knit in Italy exclusively for Kirby Allison.
    • 5% discount for 6+ pairs. 10% discount for 12+ pairs.
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  • Sovereign Grade Solid Wool-Silk Dress Sock

    Our Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade Solid Dress Socks are knit from 70% Merino wool and 30% silk using on 260-needle machines, the highest possible. The result is a beautiful, slightly-sheer sock that will all but disappear when worn. The Merino wool offers superior moisture wicking while the silk ads a slight sheen and added strength to ensure durability. Available in navy, black, dark grey and dark brown and in five sizes.

    • 70% Merino wool and 30% silk.
    • Knit using 260-needle machines.
    • Extra 2-inch “Gambaletto” rib allows extra stretch around thick calves.
    • Available in navy, black, dark grey, and dark brown.
    • Available in five sizes.
    • Knit in Rome, Italy, exclusively for Kirby Allison.
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