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Dasco Shoe Stretcher for Men

Our Dasco Shoe Stretcher is perfect for accelerating the break-in of an uncomfortable pair of shoes or providing spot relief in pressure points.
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This premium shoe stretcher is crafted in the United Kingdom from solid beech wood. It is perfect for accelerating the break-in of a tight pair of shoes or providing relief in tight pressure points. The solid-wood construction is superior to cheaper plastic models because of its hardness.

The Dasco Shoe Stretcher comes as a single unit that can be used for both left and right shoes. The front of the shoe stretcher has 16 drilled holes in which bunion plugs can be attached for additional spot relief.

Available in four sizes.

  • Small: 6-7.5 UK (6.5-8 US)
  • Medium: 8-9.5 UK (8.5-10 US)
  • Large: 10-12 UK (10.5-12.5 US)
  • Extra-Large: 12-14 UK (12.5-14.5 US) 

Dasco Shoe Stretcher Instructions

The Dasco Shoe Stretcher has been designed to ensure that stretching is concentrated at the point where the upper of the shoe presses uncomfortably on the foot. Once the moveable corn pieces have been inserted into the appropriate holes, the stretcher is ready to use.

Insert the stretcher fully into the shoe and turn the handle clockwise until pressure begins to show on the upper mateiral. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH.

Leave the stretcher in the shoe for at least 24 hours. Remove the shoe stretchers afterwards.

For accelerated stretching, first liberally apply Saphir Renovateur or Saphir Cream Polish in order to soften the leather and prepare it for stretching.

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