Ebony Luxury Garment Brush for Tweed

Makassar Ebony is considered one of the world’s most exotic and beautiful woods and is prized for its heavy weight and beautiful, black wood grain. And now The Hanger Project is proud to announce an exclusive collection of Ebony Garment Brushes that we feel to be among the most luxurious garment care products in the world. Our Tweed Garment Brush is constructed with extra-soft, long, and flexible pig bristles designed to clean tweed fabrics without damaging the fibers.

  • Hand-polished, unvarnished Makassar ebony wood handle
  • 100% Black Chungking pig-bristle
  • 2 cm, medium-stiffness bristles
  • Hand engraved monogramming available
  • Exclusive to The Hanger Project
  • Delivered in a black presentation box
  • 100% Made in Italy
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Here at The Hanger Project, as you know, we have a passion for luxury garment care. In our pursuit of the best and most beautiful garment care products in the world, we have teamed up with CEDES Milano to create an exclusive collection of garment brushes constructed from exotic Makassar Ebony wood, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Our Ebony Garment Brushes is a collection of four brushes. The bristle stiffness on each brush is optimized specifically for tweed, wool, cashmere, and suede fabrics. These are true heirloom-quality brushes made with a level of craftsmanship that is unparalleled. You really need to hold these one-of-a-kind brushes in your hands to fully appreciate the quality. The weight of the Makassar Ebony is incredible, while each brush features a totally natural, varied example of Ebony’s beautiful wood grain. Makassar Ebony from Indonesia is considered the most valuable and the rarest among the ebony species. (Please note actual brushes will almost certainly differ from that which is pictured due to natural woodgrain variation).

These brushes are 100% Made in Italy. The wooden profiles are unvarnished and completely polished by hand. The brushes feature the highest-quality pig bristle, sourced from the Chungking area of China, where climate conditions yield bristles of the highest quality that are extremely bright and flexible. The Ebony Garment Brush for Tweed features 100% black bristles with a medium-stiffness designed for tweed fabrics. The brush will effectively brush the nap of tweed fabrics to remove embedded dirt without damaging the fibers.

The Hanger Project strongly recommends using a natural-bristle garment brush as opposed to an adhesive-styled lint roller, which can leave an adhesive residue on fabrics that actually attracts lint and dust. The natural bristle has greater flexibility than synthetics, which is more gentle on the fabric and more effective at removing embedded lint and dust from garment fibers.

Directions. Brushing should always be done in a strong sweeping motion with a firm flick of your wrist in areas where dust has accumulated. First brush against the nap of the fiber (against the lie of the material) to remove any trapped dust. Then brush along the nap to smooth the fabric. If brushing out a specific mark or stain, use short, quick strokes. Always lightly brush out a garment after and before use.

Personal Monogramming

Our entire collection of Ebony Shoeshine and Garment Brushes are available for hand-engraved monogramming. The service is free but requires a shipping premium of $75. The brushes will be engraved to order by hand in Milan. A silver plate can also be inserted and engraved with up to three initials for $150 per brush.


Made in Italy
9.25" x 1.75" x 1.25"
Bristle Length: Approx 1.0"

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brush Handle Material Ebony
Handset Icon made by Gregor Cresnar from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY