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Garment Brushes

Using a garment brush is an excellent way to keep your clothes clean and well maintained. In fact, garment brushes are essential to the proper care of your wardrobe. By brushing your suit jackets, trousers and sweaters before and after use, you can safely remove any embedded lint or dust without having to afford costly laundering that will damage your clothes over time.

Natural bristle brushes are the best because they have more “give” than synthetic brushes. They are more gentle on fabrics and will remove built-up lint and dust without scratching or wearing down delicate fabrics. Good, natural bristle brushes are more expensive than synthetic brushes, but they will last a lifetime and ensure your wardrobe is maintained and protected after prolonged use. Another inferior option is the adhesive lint roller, which uses sheets of sticky paper to lift debris from fabric. These can leave behind an adhesive residue that will actually attract lint and dust to your best clothes.

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  • Kent CS1B Cherrywood Large Garment Brush

    The sleek texture of the Kent CS1B Large Garment Brush is stunning and features a durable cherrywood handle and body. The large, high-density bristle head makes it an easy brush to use on all garments.

    • Pure black bristle.
    • Large, high-density bristle head.
    • Cherry veneer composition.
    • Made in the United Kingdom.
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  • Kent CR8 Deluxe Garment Brush

    Carefully crafted from 100% natural boar bristle and three veneered woods, the Kent CR8 Garment Brush is the firm's highest-end garment brush. Beautifully designed and generous in dimension, the garment brush is unquestionably a piece that one can keep for a lifetime. The large, domed bristle configuration is both easy and incredibly effective at brushing garments.

    • 100% natural, black boar bristle.
    • Large, domed bristle configuration.
    • High-end, decorative veneered body and handle.
    • Comes in presentation box.
    • Made in England.
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2 Item(s)

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