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Wellington High-Shine Cotton Chamois

Our Wellington High-Shine Cotton Chamois were created in collaboration with a renowned Parisian patina expert. Created from a super high-quality Super 180/2 Giza Cotton shirting fabric, the cotton fabric features a very tight, dense weave that is perfect for creating high-shine, mirror glassage.

  • Developed specifically by Kirby Allison for high-shine glassage.
  • Absolutely no linting during shinning process.
  • Cut from luxury cotton shirting.
  • Pre-washed for best out-of-the-box results.
  • 13.5 inches square.
  • See polishing notes below.

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More Information:

The high-shine, mirror finish is the holy grail of shoe enthusiasts. Many spend years in pursuit of the perfect mirror shine. Kirby Allison is excited to further its commitment to luxury shoe care with the development of the first-ever high-shine cotton chamois. The problem with ordinary cotton chamois is that they are too thick for the high-shine process and inevitably leave residual linting. During my travels, most professional patina experts I have encountered prefer to use cut-up, old cotton dress shirts for chamois. The fine shirting easily saturates with shoe polish and does not leave linting - creating the perfect cloth for high-shine glassage.

For those of us who do not want to sacrifice a dress shirt, we have developed our own High-Shine Cotton Chamois cut from the finest cotton shirting (literally). The chamois are incredible and provide a tight, smooth chamois that will never lint.

Super 180 Giza Executive Blodcloth: Very fine, lightweight cotton shirting that very easily saturates with polish for best use. Appropriate for non-daily use.

How to Use

Although designed for use in conjunction with Saphir Medaille d'Or Mirror Gloss wax polish for glassage, the High-Shine Chamois can also be used to apply normal polish.

    1. Tightly wrap chamois around two fingers and hold excess with thumb.
    2. Slightly damp chamois and apply a light amount of polish.
    3. Apply polish to hard surfaces of shoe (those that will not bend) using circular motions.
    4. Allow polish to dry.
    5. Apply one drop of water to surface of shoe and buff wax to a polish.
    6. Repeat until desired shine is achieved.

Polishing Notes:

We do not recommend ever washing these cotton chamois. Professional finishers have been known to use the same chamois their entire careers. The more wax that the chamois absorbs, the better it becomes, which is why a chamois cut from fine cotton shirting is superior that felted cotton.

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