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Luxury Wooden Hangers

Your garments spend the majority of their time on your hangers. Therefore, hangers should be designed to protect and extend the life of the garment. All of our luxury wooden hangers are available in three beautiful wood finishes and up to four sizes, allowing you to customize both the size and look of your hangers to your exact preference. Our Luxury Suit Hanger, for instance, features an unprecedented 2.5-inch shoulder flare that provides up to five-times more support than ordinary hangers.

All of our trouser bars are flocked, which is a special velvet-like coating that gently grips trousers without applying any pressure. Your trousers will neither crease or slide off while hanging. We also developed the first Luxury Sweater Hanger designed specifically to hang sweaters in-season without stretching or puckering. 

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  1. Women's Hangers (1)
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  1. Traditional Finish (1)
  2. Alfred Finish (1)
  3. Natural Finish (1)
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  1. Jacket (2)
  2. Shirt (2)
  3. Skirt (2)
  4. Suit (2)
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  1. Brass (1)
  2. Chrome (2)
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  1. Clips (1)
  2. Felted Trouser Bar (2)
  3. No Hardware (1)
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  1. Petite - 15.0" (2)
  2. Standard - 17.0" (1)
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  • Custom Wooden Shirt and Trouser Hanger

    Any of our luxury wooden hanger profiles can be customized to meet your exact specifications. This particular example is a customized version of our Profile C women's suit finished to coordinate with fabric paneling in the master closet. The family's house logo was laser engraved on both sides of the hanger and filled to match the light blue flocking. Minimums start with 100 pieces. If you are interested, please contact Customer Service about commissioning your own.

    • Completely custom finishing in any color.
    • Laser engraving and custom logo plates available.
    • Several wood types to choose from.
    • Brass, nickel, or polished chrome hardware available.
    • Available with any bottom configuration: felted trouser bar, clips, or no hardware.
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