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Luxury Wooden Hangers for Men

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  1. Suit and Jacket Hangers (3)
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  2. Alfred Finish (10)
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  1. Jacket (1)
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  1. Brass (2)
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  3. Medium - 17.0" (8)
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  7. Extra-Large - 20.0" (3)
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Luxury Wooden Hangers for Men from The Hanger Project were created specifically to help the well-dressed take the best care of their wardrobes. We are not a manufacturer that resells cheap wooden retail hangers for twice the price. All of our wooden hangers were designed in collaboration with bespoke tailors to both protect and extend the life of fine clothing by providing them with proper support. Our hangers are purpose-built and specifically designed to provide maximum support.

What is The Hanger Project Difference? First, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to your clothing. The same should be true when it comes to your hangers. This is why all of our luxury hangers are available in multiple sizes. Proper hangers should provide proper support -- and this means that your hangers should extend all the way to the shoulder of your garments without expending past it into the sleeve.

Second, our Luxury Wooden Suit Hangers and Luxury Wooden Jacket Hangers provide up to 5x more support than ordinary hangers. This means that the weight of your jackets are distributed across as much surface area as possible in order to prevent shoulder dimpling.

And lastly, The Hanger Project has the most comprehensive collection of luxury wooden hangers. From our Luxury Suit Hanger to our exclusive Clamping Trouser Hangers, Felted Trouser Bar Hangers, and Luxury Sweater Hangers, you will find the perfect profile to meet your needs and that are totally unique and exclusive to us.

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