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Kirby's Thesis On Socks

A few opinions serve as the foundation of this new product:

  1. The finest socks are incredibly thin - almost sheer.

    The higher the yarn quality, the thinner the sock should become. You know when you are wearing incredible socks because they practically disappear once you put them on. This allows the foot maximum breathability, prevents clamming, and does not disrupt the fit of a fine pair of shoes. The result is a much, much more comfortable sock.

  2. A sock should fit like a glove.

    If you are wearing nice shoes, they most likely (should) fit snugly. A thick cotton sock only gets in the way, causing the shoe to not fit comfortably, creating clammy feet, and, wrinkling, which can cause discomfort. One (or three) sizes do not fit most.

  3. Men should accessorize their socks like they do their ties.

    If you are like me and wear jeans most days, you probably don't have many opportunities to wear your favorite ties. So, instead, accessorize your socks! I am of the opinion that a man can never have socks in too many colors.

Our Palatino Socks are kitted in Rome at a small factory run by two brothers whose family has been knitting socks for three generations. Palatino is small enough to avoid some of the mass-market, global pressures "to innovate" placed on larger firms that result in mediocre or un-purposeful socks. I like to think of Palatino as one of the last artisan producers of fine men's hosiery.

I have collaborated with Palatino to knit our socks to the highest, uncompromising standards. Our socks are not ordinary - they are knitted to the highest standards that normal retailers avoid because of the cost.

Palatino Super-Fine 920L Sock

What we created:

  1. Knitted using the finest Egyptian Makò Cotton.

    Not just high quality, but fine, long threads that create a super-thin sock that breathes well, is incredibly soft, does not make sweaty feet, and will not pile. These socks almost disappear once you put them on your feet. They're incredible.

  2. Available in SEVEN (7) Sizes!

    My entire company is based on the philosophy that one size does not fit all! Your socks should fit like gloves, and ours will. Each size is indicated in the length of the sock in inches. Simply measure your foot to the nearest half-inch and be prepared for your world to change. A perfect fit prevents bunching, which can cut off circulation and lead to tremendous discomfort throughout the day.

  3. Available in up to 13 colors.

    Again, accessorize your socks like you do your ties. You can't wear navy, brown, and black every day.

  4. Hand-Finished Linking.

    For added comfort, the seams at the heel and toes are hand-linked to create smooth seams.

  5. Reinforced Toes and Heels.

    For added durability where the sock needs it most, a third yarn is added. This helps prevent against one's toenails from wearing holes into the sock.

  6. Knitted on 240- and 260-needle machines for maximum comfort.

    Think of "thread count." The more needles, the higher the thread count per inch. Our Super-Fine Palatino 920L Over-the-Calf socks are knitted using 260 needles for the highest-possible comfort.

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