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La Cordonnerie Anglaise Boot Shoetree

Our La Cordonnerie Anglaise Boot Shoetree is designed especially for your best pairs of boots. The high rise of the heel supports the upper of boots and makes this shoetree especially easy to insert and take out. Made in France.

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Shoetrees for boots are impossible to find. That doesn't mean that a fine pair of boots need shoetrees any less than any other pair of shoes, though. Ordinary shoetrees are not only very difficult to get in and out of a pair of boots because of the tall uppers but leave them unsupported.

Our LCA Boot Shoetree is crafted in France by La Cordonnerie Anglaise, a company that has been making lasts for shoemakers for almost a century, out of beautiful, dense beechwood and specially for boots. This is the same company that makes many of the lasts for many of the best French shoemakers.

The La Cordonnerie Anglaise Boot Shoetree is intended for European-made shoes and features a "European" last style. Because these are crafted in France, instead of Asia, the finishing and consistency between pairs is incredible. A dense beechwood is used, instead of the more-common cedarwood.

Proper shoe care allows a fine pair of shoes to survive wearing after wearing, year after year. Shoetrees (and shoehorns) are the most simple tool one can use to care for their shoes. They absorb moisture, keep the shape, and prevent creasing from occurring. And all that is required is that you remember to put them in after each wearing!

Made in France

Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

  • 7 - US 7.5/8, UK 7/7.5
  • 8 - US 8.5/9, UK 8/8.5
  • 9 - US 9.5/10, UK 9/9.5
  • 10 - US 10.5/11, UK 10/10.5
  • 11 - US 11.5/12, UK 11/11.5
  • 12 - US 12.5/13, UK 12/12.5
  • 13 - US 13.5/14, UK 13/13.5 *Special order*
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