Mario Talarico Unstripped Cherrywood Umbrella with Black Canopy

This umbrella is one-of-a-kind and handmade by Mario Talarico, a fourth-generation umbrella maker. The handle and shaft are constructed from a single, solid piece of Cherry Wood with an unstripped bark handle and shaft.
  • One-piece, solid-stick construction.
  • Handmade in Naples, Italy
  • Hand-cut and sewn Black Nylon canopy.
  • Genuine horn tip with ribbon closures and buttons. Color of horn will vary.
  • Umbrella Warranty

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About Maglia Francesco

Mario Talarico is one of the oldest handicraft firms in Naples.This third-generation company has been providing handcrafted, exquisite umbrellas to gentlemen since the 19th Century from Naples. Today, Mario Talarico with his nephew Mario Talarico Jr, follows in the footsteps of three generations of expert craftsmen, keeping alive the art of umbrella-making and continuing to manufacture his products entirely and strictly by hand, in full accordance with the techniques handed down to him through generations.

What separates Talarico apart from the few other artisans making handmade umbrellas is that he forges all of his canes himself. The standards that go into selecting his umbrella canes is without parallel. Each is totally unique and preserves the natural characteristics of the wood. Talarico is also the only umbrella maker to make solid-stick, single-piece umbrellas with completely unshaven shafts. These umbrellas are truly artisan-made and completely handcrafted.

These umbrellas are not widely distributed. So much in fact that I had to purchase them myself, in person on a recent trip to Italy. As no two are the same, each umbrella was hand-selected.

This full size umbrella features a Black Canopy and a solid-stick handle and shaft constructed from a single piece of Unstripped Cherry Wood. The shaft of the umbrella is unshaven, showcasing the natural bark of the wood used to produce the cane. The umbrella features ribbon closures with button fasteners made of horn. The umbrella tip is genuine horn.

Cherry is a tree native to Asia Minor. Compared to other materials, cherry wood is particularly sought after due to its sturdiness, typical color and natural scent. This umbrella is made entirely by hand and finished to a very high standard. The inner side of the shade is finished with hand stitching and the steel spokes are manufactured in line with a traditional artisan technique. Both the handle and shaft are unshaven, showcasing the natural. This umbrella represents the best of Italian umbrella craftsmanship.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Canopy Color Black
Canopy Pattern Solid
Canopy Size 26 in / 67 cm
Length 37 in / 94 cm
Handle Material Cherrywood
Canopy Material Nylon
Construction Solid Stick
Handset Icon made by Gregor Cresnar from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY