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Oxford & Wells Premium Spray Starch

Oxford & Wells manufacturers the world's finest ironing starch. Often overlooked, good ironing starch keeps shirts looking crisp all day. Especially important while traveling. We offer both a 12 oz for home use and a 2 oz for Travel Totes, which meets all TSA carry-on requirements.

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Why Kirby Allison recognizes Oxford & Wells as the premier starch:

  • No flaking, residues, or clogging – a team of PhD chemists spent six months formulating a patent-pending formula that is guaranteed to deliver a perfect finish without flaking, residues, or clogging.
  • 100% Natural – made in the United States of all-natural products. No harsh or artificial chemical ensure that this starch will keep your shirts looking crisp without damaging the fibers of your fabric.
  • Non-aerosolized – free of propellants or chemicals.
  • TSA Compliant – our 2 oz Travel Tote meets TSA guidelines for carry-on. Take this starch with you on your business trips for ironing out unavoidable wrinkles.
  • Premium Spray Nozzle – using the absolutely best spray nozzle for a fine, even mist.
  • Pinpoint Fresh Fragrance – a very subtle, clean scent customers love. Completely dissipates upon ironing.
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