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Women's Skinny Trouser and Skirt Hangers, Felted Trouser Bar (Set of 5)

Our Runway Collection Skinny Top & Bottom Hanger conserves important closet space while the felted and notched shoulders grip garments, preventing them from stretching and falling off the hanger. Available in three finishes and two sizes, with felted trouser bar. Set of 5.
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Profile C: Skinny Top & Bottom Hanger

  • Flat, Skinny Profile
  • 3/8” (9 mm) Thickness – Ultra Skinny
  • Felted Shoulders with Notches
  • Two Widths: Petite 15.0” and Standard 17.0”
  • Two Finishes: Traditional and Natural Finishes
  • Felted Trouser Bar

Our Profile C Skinny Top & Bottom Hanger conserves essential closet space with its flat, skinny profile, while the felted and notched shoulders grip garments securely to prevent stretching and them from falling off the hanger.

Felted Trouser Bar for Trousers, Jeans

The felted trouser bar eliminates the creasing caused by ordinary locking-bar hangers

Felted Shoulders – The Runway Touch

The shoulders of each hanger are finished with opulent felting, which securely, but gently grips garments naturally (no plastic or rubber). Added traction prevents garments from sliding off hangers or, even worse, stretching, which occurs when the garment slides down the hanger but does not fall off. Additionally, the hanger features a shoulder notch for added versatility, a requirement of the modern female closet.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – The Perfect Fit

Which is why the entire Runway Collection is available in two widths – a 15.0” petite width and 17.0” standard width. You do not purchase your clothes in “one size fits all” – the same should be true for your hangers. Properly-sized hangers prevent the hanger from extending beyond the shoulder into the sleeve (when too large) while still offering adequate shoulder support (if too narrow). Need help sizing your hanger? See our Sizing Guide.

Two Beautiful Finishes

Matching our collection of quality hangers for men, our Runway Collection is now available in two premium finishes: a darker Traditional Finish and a more modern Natural Maple Wood Finish. The Naturally Finished hangers are crafted from an exquisite Maple Wood, a wood typically reserved for furniture and rarely used in hangers. Maple Wood is known for it's beautiful, three-dimensional wood grain. In the natural finish, the maple wood is just absolutely stunning. Because of the cost, the Natural Finish is a premium option.

Heightened Visual Cohesiveness

When hung in the closet, KAHP’s entire Runway Collection retains the same, consistent side-profile throughout the entire closet. This enhances the visual organization and harmony in the closet while allowing every garment to be hung on its optimal hanger.

Three Profiles Guarantee Perfect Fit

With seven hangers in three distinct profiles, hang every garment in your wardrobe on its optimally-designed hanger. Our other profiles include:

  • Profile A: Suit & Jacket Hanger. 1.75” shoulder flare; fully contoured.
  • Profile B: Blouse, Sweater, & Dress Hanger. 1.15” shoulder flare; fully contoured.
  • Profile C: Top & Bottom Hanger. Super skinny 3/8”. Flat profile.
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Superior hangers! Thank you!
Superior hangers! Thank you!
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The most beautiful hangers anywhere,
The most beautiful hangers anywhere, and how nice to have an exact fit for my clothes!
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Beautiful hangers but a little
Beautiful hangers but a little thin for my clothing. Exchanged for the profile b which are perfect.
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Love these!
I love Hanger Project women's hangers. These Profile C hangers are great - They are thin but substantial, and support your clothes fully, without being too bulky and filling up your closet space with wide hangers. I have the 15" petite size, with felted bar, and use them for all my shirts, blouses and hanging my pants. I highly recommend!
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Best Hangers Available Anywhere
As usual, Kirby Allison's Hanger Project delivered a quality product promptly. These hangers were for my wife. She deserves only the very best, which is why I turned to KAHP.
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Shanea Rakowski
We have outfitted our new condo entirely with hangers from the Hanger Project. We ordered well over 500 hangers. The hangers are made well, very attractive and add to the overall esthetic we were looking for. I would highly recommend them to anyone who cares about quality, function and style.
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