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Saphir Liquid Edge Dressing

Saphir's Teinture Francaise is an liquid edge dressing. The small 50 ml bottle comes with a cotton dauber that can be used to apply the edge dressing. Great when you want to conserve as closely as possible the natural texture of leather edges.

  • Liquid formulation applies easily.
  • Permanent dye. Caution must be used when applying to avoid leather uppers.
  • 50 ml bottle comes with cotton applicator.
  • Several colors available.
  • Made in France.

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Please note that this is a permanent leather dye and will stain anything that it comes into contact with. Caution must be used both to avoid contact with the leather uppers and with any furniture or clothing. If any of this is a concern, we recommend the cream-based Saphir Edge Dressing, which is much more easily controlled with one's finger.

To use, first clean the edge of any debris or dirt using a cotton chamois or small welt dauber. Allow the edge to dry before applying Saphir Edge Dressing. Because the Saphir Liquid Edge Dressing is a permanent dye that can stain any surface with which it comes into contact, we recommend lying down newspaper, a towel, or Leather Shoe Shine Carpet. Remove the cotton dauber from the Teinture Francais bottle, strain any excess liquid dye from the dauber, and then gently apply the liquid dye to the edge. Allow several minutes to dry.

Saphir's Liquid Edge Dressing is a great product that very similar to other commonly-available liquid edge dressings. The liquid formulation effectively dies edges while maintaining the natural texture of the leather edge vs. our resin-based cream edge dressing, which fills and smooths. For any questions about these products, please do not hesitate to call customer service or click "chat" below.

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