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Saphir Edge Dressing & Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream

Saphir's Edge Dressing and Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream is a multi-purpose, resin-based cream used to repair and fill any holes or nicks in the edges. It also helps correct deep scuff marks, scratches, and discoloration for smooth leather. Perfect and safe for use on high-end footwear, handbags, and briefcases and will not bleed or rub off once dried.

  • Resin-based, permanent leather or edge repair cream.
  • Can mix any colors to produce any pallet.
  • Perfect to fill scuffs, nicks and worn corners.
  • Made in France.

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Saphir's Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream is a resin-based cream used to repair deep scuff marks, scratches, and cigarette burns on smooth leather (dress shoes, clothes, leather goods, and furniture). It is also a very effective edge dressing for shoes.

The Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream can be thinned by mixing it with the Saphir Leather Lotion or any neutral Saphir polish to allow for application over larger surface areas, such as to leather briefcases, leather car seats, leather sofas, etc. Because of the resin-based formulation, once the product dries, it poses no risk of bleeding onto clothing.

The product contains no silicone, so it still allows leather to breathe and to receive wax polishes afterward.

Colors can be mixed to produce exact matches.

Instructions for Use:

  1. First clean area with a damp chamois and allow to dry.
  2. Cut away any loose pieces of leather (optional).
  3. Apply a small amount of the Saphir Renovating Repair Cream using your finger. Use it to fill any scratches or deep scuff marks. If you can, press any loose pieces of leather back into place.
  4. Allow 15 minutes to dry.
  5. Use Saphir Pommadier Polish (with shoes only) to blend area.

For use as sole dressing: apply generously using finger. Allow 15 minutes to dry.

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