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How to Use Saphir Renovateur

Going for the Gold: Saphir Renovateur Medaille d’Or

In the world of shoe care (much like the world of sports), there’s simply no room for second, or third, place. Firmly occupying its position at the top of the medal stand is Saphir Renovateur Médaille d'Or Cleaner and Conditioner, arguably Saphir’s best-known and most popular product. As such, it’s a slam-dunk for exceptional cleaning and conditioning, smoothing and polishing, as well as for removing loose pigment.

Just call it “liquid gold” for those derbies, monk straps, boots and everything in between. Renovateur’s mink oil base is incredibly nourishing, providing fine leathers the essential nutrients they need to breathe, while preventing any dry-out. It is consistently the best-selling product within Saphir’s Médaille d’Or collection, and our customers often report that it is the finest all-purpose shoe care product they have ever used. Talk about a touchdown! We highly recommended this product for fine shoes as part of a normal shoeshine regimen.

One of the characteristics that makes Saphir Renovateur so incredible is its versatility.

First, Saphir Renovateur is both a cleaner and a conditioner. When used as a base for a new polish, it helps remove any prior polish product that has built up in the pores of leather uppers. It also deeply penetrates the uppers to supply the essential nutrients required to maintain the leather’s optimum condition and suppleness, while preventing any drying.

Next, the product is also an incredible maintenance tool between formal polish jobs. If the pigment saturation of a shoe’s leather uppers is in decent shape (i.e. there are no scuffs or bruising), then Saphir Renovateur can be used alone to achieve a soft, matte patina without any pigment buildup. This makes it a great “refresher” for any polish, providing nutrients and moisturizing the leather—a critical requirement in the long-term care of shoes.

In addition, Saphir Renovateur has moisturizing properties. A soiled pair of shoes with excess pigment will benefit from a wash with Saphir’s Cleaning Soap. However, immediately after the shoes dry, the moisture lost in the rinsing process should be restored with Renovateur. Just as you might swipe on facial cream, think of this shoe care product as a premier lotion for your kicks.

Saphir Renovateur is also safe for use on all skins and leathers, even exotics, including crocodile, alligator and cordovan.

And, take note: Saphir Renovateur increases its score, yet again, with its multipurpose nature. The product’s application is not limited to shoes; it is excellent for any leather goods—from belts to briefcases, even that leather iPad case. The product contains no pigment, so it will not stain clothing. Perhaps the ultimate seal of approval and golden endorsement comes from luxury label, Hermès, as the brand even uses Saphir Renovateur in their workshop to condition all their leather shoes. Can’t beat that!

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