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La Cordonnerie Anglaise Shoeshine Accessories

La Cordonnerie Anglaise (The English Cordwainer or Shoemaker) has been refining their expertise in wood and leather craft since 1885. Based in France, they make what are unquestionably the most well-crafted and beautiful shoeshine accoutrement in the world. Their brushes and daubers are carved from solid rosewood and their shoeshine kits are the best I have ever seen.

These items are things that you purchase once and keep forever. So, if you are going to just make one purchase, purchase the best shoeshine brushes, daubers, and kits available anywhere -- those from La Cordonnerie Anglaise.

The Hanger Project is proud to be the second-longest U.S. Stockist in the United States.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise
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