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  • AbbeyHorn Sleeking Bone

    The AbbeyHorn Sleeking Bone is similar to the Deer Polishing Bone in that it can be used to smooth out rough surfaces on shoe leathers.

    • Measures Approximately 8"
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  • Leather Shoeshine Carpet

    Beautifully crafted from leather by La Cordonnerie Anglaise in France, this shoeshine carpet is used as a mat when shining one's shoes, thereby preventing polish from damaging your surface. Available in three colors, Black, Orange, and Dark Brown, this shoeshine carpet brings a touch of style to your shoeshine regimen. The carpet rolls easily and is fastened by a handsome chrome pin. Learn More
  • 3 oz Spray Bottle

    This 3 oz Spray Bottle is perfect for use spritzing chamois during before buffing one's shoes. A Spray Bottle is the ideal way to wet chamois without applying too much or too little water. This spray bottle also distributes water evenly.

  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"
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  • High-Shine Glass Water Dispenser

    A proper high-gloss shoeshine is the elusive quest of many shoe shine aficionados. Requiring untold layers of wax polish to be applied with tiny amounts of water, a mirror finish can take hours to produce. Our new "High-Shine Water Dispenser" is just another obscure shoeshine product for those crazy about their shoes. With the gentle tap of your chamois, it efficiently dispenses a small amount of water, thereby readying your chamois for the next microscopic coat of wax polish. Learn More
  • 4 Item(s)

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