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Sock Sizing Guide

One size does not fit all when it comes to your shoes, and the same should be true for your socks. Socks that fit too large is one of the leading sources of discomfort when wearing a fine pair of shoes (in addition to a sock being too thick). A sock that is too long wrinkles and bunches. This creates pressure points that, throughout the day, leads to discomfort and can cause blisters.

A fine pair of socks should fit like a glove – perfectly. This is why we offer SEVEN SIZES in most all of our socks.

Our socks are sized by their length measured  in INCHES. They are not sized by your shoe size.

There are two ways to determine the proper size sock:

1. Use our shoe size conversion guide. For example, if you wear a U.S. Size 9 shoe, you most likely would require a Size 10.5 Sock.

2. Measure your foot. Stepping on a ruler, measure the length of your foot in inches from your big toe to the back of your heel. Rounding to the closest smaller size, this is the sock size you require.

If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to click the “Chat with Kirby” button on the bottom-right of your screen or contact Customer Service at (800) 495-3201.

You’ll love these socks!  I promise!

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