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Tan Máirtín Beag Workwear Sweater

This Máirtín Beag Workwear Sweater is a piece of Inis Meain history inspired by an 100 year old sweater discovered on the island that belonged to a famous local fisherman called Máirtín Beag. For this season, this iconic Inis Meain sweater was knit out of a softer and more luxurious 100% merino wool. This particular piece features a unique upper-half, which is more decorative than normal workwear.

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Button Up Collar
  • Knitted on the Irish island of Inis Meain.
  • Hand-linked and finished.
Inis Meáin Knitwear


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The climate of the island demanded that men wear warm and tough sweaters while working the island. From fishing out in the sea to carrying boulders in order to build the island’s iconic stone walls, the men required practical knitwear. The women of each family were responsible for producing clothing for the entire family, so did not have time to embellish and decorate these items with the high-decorative cables most associated with Inis Meain.

Workwear was knitted in what the islanders called “Bull’s Wool.” It was the cheapest, harshest wool left over after exporting all of the finer wool from their sheep. Perfect for a fisherman’s sweater - tough, warm, and durable.

This particular piece was inspired by a 90-100 year old sweater that belonged to a famous local fisherman called Máirtín Beag. It was a incredible example of typical Aran “Workwear" sweaters. Máirtín Beag’s wife was an excellent knitter, so she added quite a few design flourishes to the usually restrained design. So Máirtín Beag was one of the best dressed fishermen on the island.

This piece is a Hanger Project exclusive!

 About Inis Meain

Inis Meain means "'middle island"in Irish, and is also the name of the middle of the three Aran Islands on which these sweaters are knitted. The company knits sweaters in classic intricate Aran Island designs, continuing a knitting tradition that has warmed generations of fishermen in the wet and windy climate of Galway Bay.

The company was founded in 1976 by Tarlach de Blacam and his wife Aine, an islander, to bring back to life the island's traditional fisherman knitwear that had disappeared over time. Drawing on the island's long heritage, Inis Meain draws on a huge repertoire of local hand-knitters, sometimes using old photographs of island knits for inspiration, even reproducing them in some cases.

For centuries, the fishermen's garments were knitted by the women of the island. Knitting was just one of a number of skills that islanders had to learn and to master, to create a way of living in a very inhospitable place. Their sweaters represent the best of pre-globalized micro-cultures that produced clothing not for fashion but out of necessity. The harsh wet, windy climate fisherman endured in the Galway Bay required hardy, warm knitwear that could withstand the climate. Over the centuries, a rich style emerged that gave way to the iconic "Aran Cable."

Additional Info

Additional Info

Neck Style Button Neck
Sweater Material 100% Merino Wool
Handset Icon made by Gregor Cresnar from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY