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The Three Hanger Project Finishes

Luxury Shirt Hangers

Luxury Shirt Hangers

I am excited to announce the long-over-due third finish to our collection of Luxury Men's Hangers: Our Alfred Finish. Constructed from heavy European Beechwood, this dark espresso finish features a soft satin patina, chrome hardware, and black flocking. A modern update to a traditional finish, it is perfect for men who want a dark, masculine finish but do not like brass hardware.

Luxury Suit Hangers

The Hanger Project now offers the most comprehensive collection of luxury garment hangers available in the world. From the beginning, all of our hangers have been finished to the highest-specification. Each finish receives a double polyurethane finish, for added saturation and durability. And each of our three hangers is constructed from the finest hardwoods.

No one wood is better than the other -- each of the three woods we use offers something unique to that finish collection.

Natural Maplewood Finish

For example, our Natural Maplewood Finish, available in both our collection of luxury women's hangers and luxury men's hangers, is crafted from beautiful maplewood that we obtain from the Pacific Northwest. Maplewood is normally reserved for furniture, not for hangers. We are one of the few (the only that I know of) that uses it to manufacture hangers. With an unfinished hanger, it is essential that the most beautiful wood possible be used. Without a dark finish, the wood is laid bare. All of it's beauty -- or imperfections -- are easy to see.

Natural Maplewood Finish

Natural Maplewood Suit Hanger

Our Maplewood Hangers showcase the rich marbling and depth of woodgrain that is uncommon in hangers.

The Alfred Finish

Our Alfred Finish is a modern update to a traditional finish. A dark espresso finish similar to our Traditional Finish, we use a heavy European Beechwood for this hanger. With a soft, satin finish, chrome hardware, and black flocking, our Alfred Finish is perfect for the man who enjoys dark woods but does not like brass hardware. The specking of this woodgrain also offers a subtle texture yet clear woodgrain you would expect from a luxury hanger.

The Alfred Finish Luxury Shirt Hanger

The Traditional Finish

Our first and most popular finish, our Traditional Finish collection of luxury wooden hangers is constructed from high-quality birchwood with a high-gloss dark finish, brass hardware, and brown flocking. We use birchwood for this hanger because of its fine grain, pale color, and hardness. Produced in Russia, it provides a great canvas for the finish we apply, yet still yields a beautiful, smooth woodgrain that you would expect from a luxury hanger.

dark finished hangers

The Hanger Project Difference

First and foremost, The Hanger Project is not a hanger manufacturer. This is critical to understanding The Hanger Project Difference. You see, in order for a hanger manufacturer to keep their factories running and stay in business, they have to sell in huge volumes. And the only people buying in huge volumes are people who never actually use the hangers themselves. This is the whole reason that The Hanger Project was founded in 2007 -- all the hangers available at that time were manufactured and sold wholesale to people who never suffered the cost of clothing destroyed by cheap, inadequate hangers.

When I started The Hanger Project, it wasn't to create a business. Instead, it was a project to design the best possible hanger for my ONE bespoke suit. Since it was my only nice suit, it was critical that it last as long as possible. And since our garments spend more time in the closet than anywhere else, I knew that it had to be properly hung...

And that is how The Hanger Project began and why, to this day, we continue to make the best luxury garment hangers in the world. Because they are the only ones designed, made, and sold exclusively for end-consumer use.

For more information about our standard Hanger Project finishes, read our Hangers: Wood is King blog post.

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